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China Aerospace Strategic Cooperation Partner ·Reeinno Solid State Drive
In November 2013, Shenzhen Reeinno Science and Technology Co., Ltd became a strategic partner in China Aerospace SSD (Solid State Drive) field. In April of the following year, it was officially designated as the sole partner of China's space channel and technology core, thus China Aerospace· Reeinno SSD began to enter people's vision.

Good quality plays an important role in SSD fields
Why can Reeinno Science and Technology Co., Ltd. get the favor of China Aerospace? This is not a matter of luck. Shenzhen Reeinno Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Under the circumstance of the global financial crisis at that time, Reeinno grasped the opportunity of the development of storage and solution industry and achieved rapid development. On the basis of the integration of industrial chain resources and the construction of global marketing service system, a one-stop marketing model integrating product development and design, raw material procurement, production and processing, and independent channel sales, which are constructed to provide customers with a wide range of storage software, hardware solutions and the best pre-sale and after-sale services.

Chinas Aerospace· Reeinno SSD Win The Hearts of All
Since the establishment of the company, Reeinno has been focusing on the development of storage industry for a long time, and has accumulated rich industry experience. With the development concept of specialty and national storage brand, Reeinno became a strategic partner of aerospace in the field of SSD in 2013, and obtained strong technical support and credit guarantee from space partners. In June 2014, the Space Partners and Reeinno held a "High Reliability Solid State Drive" conference together, and China Aerospace· Reeinno SSD products became popular all over the country. In June of the same year, Reeinno products were more insured by Life Insurance Company. With such strong technology and high-end quality assurance, Reeinno not only created high-end SSD national brand products, but also penetrated the brand into four major areas: aerospace, military, industrial and consumer.

China’s Aerospace·Reeinno SSD mainly adopts the exquisite technology of China Aerospace in the field of aerospace, and combines the strict high and low temperature and vibration test in production to ensure the product performance, high stability and service life. The product is applied in extremely harsh working environment, which meets the stringent requirements of SSD solid state drive for aerospace and national defense equipment. Military SSD and industrial SSD are equipped with professional storage solutions for the working environment at - 40 ~ 85℃ and - 20~75 ℃. They have high stability and data security protection, and also can realize high-end customization of storage products for various industries. Consumer SSD, in the name of Beidou Seven Stars in Chinese traditional culture, has created a series of products such as Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji and Tianquan, which means that China Aerospace Reeinno Technology is determined to make Beidou series the leader of SSD and the direction guide in the storage field.

 Create National Storage Brand
With the highest technical indicators and mature performance of high performance, high stability and high reliability, China Aerospace · Reeinno SSD has a high market competitiveness in the market. Reeinno will also live up to the expectations of customers and consumers, continue to take aerospace standards as the requirements, increase product research and development efforts, and gradually launch more detailed data interface, larger storage capacity, more extensive application products, so that China Aerospace · Reeinno SSD is more widely used in personal computers, industrial control, large data storage, Internet of Things intelligent terminals, military aerospace and other fields.

In addition, Reeinno will also independently develop IC master control chip and Flash particle applications, which are a few brand manufacturers with SSD core technology in China. At the same time, it will provide customers with stronger seismic performance, power protection function, excellent power consumption performance, wider working temperature range, higher data security, self-destructive procedures (including soft self-destructive and hard self-destructive procedures) and other professional customized services. No matter from the product, technology, service level, Reeinno will be providing customers with satisfactory needs in all directions. With such ambition and the support of China Aerospace, China Aerospace · Reeinno SSD will also enter thousands of households, serve all walks of life, and write a new chapter in the storage industry.
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