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Shenzhen Reeinno Science and Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. It is a high-tech research and development enterprise specializing in hardware and software storage field. We can provide green and safe solid state drive products and storage products and solutions for distributors, customers and consumers and provide a variety of enterprise and commercial storage solutions for partners, including value-added distributors (VAR), embedded original equipment manufacturers (OEM), developers, system integrator (SI), system assemblers (SB) and direct market distributors (DMR). Reeinno has the national high-tech enterprise qualification and more than 20 intellectual property rights patents and has mastered the core IC chip development, high-precision sub-debugging, aerospace special circuit design and other technologies. In addition, Reeinno also has an independent ODM factory, which integrates product development and design, raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, and independent marketing.

Since its establishment, Reeinno has a long history of storage products around FLASH, and has nearly ten years of experience in FLASH business. In 2008, the company set up a Taipei R&D Institute to develop storage products related to FLASH. In 2011, a special research and development project of solid state drive was established, and the first brand product of long-term solid state drive was launched in 2013. In 2013, the company also became a space strategic cooperative brand, jointly launched the SSD market; in 2014, the company won the board of directors of the Space Council, SSD products won the Zhongguancun annual recommendation SSD brand award. In the same year, SSD factory was founded and solid state drive OEM market was developed. In the field of SSD product design and development, we have achieved close business cooperation with many well-known brand companies. In 2015, we established three R&D centers and obtained 25 intellectual property patents. In the same year, it also became an arms supplier. In 2016, it won the national high-tech enterprise certification. SSD brand has occupied a large share of the national channel market, and even has many strong partners in the markets of Central America, Europe and other foreign countries. In 2017, he was awarded the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Promotion Council.
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